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Potato Salad

Gahhhhhh… my favorite potato salad ever. This dish is super fun to bring to house parties as a dish to pass because everyone loves it.

This is not vegan 🙂 but dairy-free and gluten-free! Have fun with it and substitute your way through it if you want to!


4 Eggs
5 Potatoes
1 cup Mayo (I use ‘Just Mayo’ which is dairy free! You can read more about it here)
4 Large Pickles
5 Thick slices of Salami
1 Can of Peas

It’s equally delicious without the salami and eggs.


Boil your eggs and let them cool. Then, boil the potatoes and let them cool. Once both are cooled – chop them up as fine as you can get them. Place in a large bowl.

Next, chop up your pickles and salami and add to the bowl. Also, drain your peas and add the can of peas to your mixture as well.

Lastly, add your mayo. I always do just enough mayo to coat everything (but not too thick!).

If you’re feeling you want more or less of something – take note for next time.

BAM. Done!

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